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Here at MGC we strive to make a positive impact in the health and well being of our students. Our carefully structured program for boys and girls allows children to develop confidence, increase physical ability and learn the discipline to achieve personal goals. These lessons will be carried on throughout the lives of our students. All of our students will be placed in programs based on age and ability where they will learn, have fun and be successful!

In 1974 Massachusetts Gymnastics Center opened in Waltham, Massachusetts as one of the first gymnastics training facilities in the state. The Colarossi family has owned and operated MGC since 1984.  Through their constant dedication and commitment MGC has remained one of the top gyms and has expanded in five successful locations. Each location is founded with the same principles and values as the original MGC. 

MGC has produced many state, regional, and national champions as well as scholarship athletes. Also MGC gymnasts have been members of the United States Men’s and Women’s National Teams. Today the MGC girls and boys competitive teams are still one of the most recognized and decorated in Massachusetts and across the country. Over the past 30 years MGC has promoted a fit and active life to thousands of kids. Our aspiring gymnasts have developed into confident, productive teens and adults keeping with them the lessons they learned from their gymnastics experience at MGC.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Massachusetts Gymnastics Center is to make a positive difference in the health and well being of our students.  We believe that gymnastics is the best way to achieve this goal and can provide “lessons for a lifetime”. Developing self-confidence, physical abilities and the discipline to achieve personal goals are a few of the benefits of a gymnastics education. We will strive for quality, excitement, and innovation in every program that we offer. MGC will provide programs directed toward building and supporting the aspirations and abilities of our students.

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