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The MGC Magic team was created for girls who love to do gymnastics, learn routines and compete while also enjoy other interests outside of the gym. This program allows for a comfortable atmosphere where gymnasts can work on improving their strength flexible and gymnastic skills. These gymnasts will learn routines and train to compete in four competitions a year. These gymnast have the opportunity to be apart of a competitive team without sacrificing their other activities.
*There are three competition levels for our magic teams, novice, intermediate and advance. This team works out for 2-3 hours twice a week from September through June.  These athletes compete in 4 competitions per season.

Developmental groups

Super Stars
MGC superstars is a girls developmental programs for gymnasts ages 5-6. This group focuses on gymnastics basics, flexibility, and strength. This is a great opportunity for young gymnast to perfect their basics and prepare themselves for the next level of gymnastics.

*This is an invitation only class.

Rising Stars
MGC rising stars in our second level of our developmental team. This group continues to focus on, basics, flexibility, strength and discipline. Our rising star program is the last developmental team before our competitive Masstars program.

*This is an invitation only class.


USA Gymnastics is the governing body for gymnastics in the United States. They sanction gymnastics competitions at a local, national, and international level. USA Gymnastics selects the gymnasts and teams to compete in the World Championships and Olympic Games.

MGC offers all levels of competitive USAG training for both boys and girls. Over the past 25 years, MGC has trained numerous state and regional individual and team champions, have qualified gymnasts to the USA Junior Olympic National championships every year since 1984, and have placed boys and girls on the US National Team.

These dedicated gymnasts work out from 4 to 20 hours per week and compete in 5-10 competitions per season.