Junior Olympic Boys Team Program

The Men’s Junior Olympic Age Group Competition Program provides training and competitive opportunities for beginner to elite gymnasts from ages 6 to 18.

The Junior Olympic Program is organized into ten different levels of training or competition. Each level has multiple age groups and opportunities for participation and competition. Competition is carried out at the local, state, regional and national levels through USA Gymnastics sanctioned invitational and championship level meets. The Men’s Junior Olympic National Championships are held in May of each year for eligible athletes in Levels 8, 9 and 10 who have qualified through their Regional Championships.

The Junior Olympic Age Group Competition Program consists of seven levels.

  • In levels 4-7, competition is offered in Division I (Junior Olympic Division) and Division II (Junior Developmental Division).
    • Division I provides basic compulsory routines and includes in the routines the opportunity for the talented gymnast to challenge his development and mastery at each level with additional developmental skills (Specified Bonus) that are rewarded with bonus.
    • Division II provides basic compulsory routines that are constructed to encourage participation, promote growth, and provide opportunity for the recreational gymnast to be successful and continue to progress. The basic routines are designed so that they are achievable for the average recreational participant.
  • The first three levels, 4 through 6, provide basic routines for all boys who desire to participate in competitive gymnastics. These exercises start with simple basic skills experienced in Levels 1 through 3 and progress developmentally with each competitive level.
  • The compulsory Level 7 is designed to encourage and prepare the gymnast for the transition from compulsory to optional routines at an appropriate age by providing skill direction and combinations which can be used as the basis for entry level optional routines. These routines help the gymnast to understand how to construct an optional routine that will fulfill the requirements of the Junior Olympic optional program.
  • The optional levels, 8, 9 and 10, require the gymnast to fulfill most FIG requirements or the JO modifications for those requirements approved for the program.

These dedicated gymnasts work out from 4 to 20 hours per week and compete in 5-10 competitions per season. The commitment required for these programs is September through August. Over the past 40 years, MGC has trained numerous state and regional individual and team champions, have qualified gymnasts to the USA Junior Olympic National championships every year since 1984, and have placed boys and girls on the US National Team.

Boys are chosen by our team coaches. If you are interested in having your son participate in this program, please call the gym to schedule a personalized assessment.

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