Little Star Pre-School Program

Twinkle Tots

This program is a parent/guardian participation class and teaches children age 18 months to 3 years about movement and exercise. Basic components of fitness are emphasized: flexibility, balance, strength, and muscle endurance. You can expect your child to have fun exploring the various stations, with you in a 45-minute class including, tumbling on our spring floor, swinging on bars, and balancing on beams. Children who complete our Twinkle Tot classes are ready to continue their gymnastics grow in our Pre-School program.


This program is geared for children ages 3 to 4. They participate in a 45-minute class once a week. Each class is divided into three segments. The first is a musical warm-up that includes running, jumping, skipping, and stretching. The second is an obstacle course on our spring floor, teaching the basics for handstands, cartwheels, and somersaults. The third segment combines specialized preschool equipment along with standard Olympic apparatus to establish a foundation in all the gymnastics events. All of our preschool classes end with a song and a stamp for a JOB WELL DONE!!

Student : Teacher Ratios

MGC maintains a low student : teacher ratio to ensure that each child receives plenty of individual attention.

Twinkle Tot – 8:1
Pre-School – 6:1

Providing a balance of good health and well-being.